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Laboured Opposition or Absent Opposition?

I find the Labour Party’s current stance on what is happening to the country confusing to say the least. They are meant to be holding the government to account but seem too paralysed by fear of UKIP to offer anything except abject abdication. “We will not obstruct the invoking of Article 50”!

They are of course reaping what they have sown. During the Miliband years (remember them?), they failed to tackle Cameron and Osborne as that dreadful duo laid the ground work for the right-wing coup* that is currently happening. The Language Battle was lost. Read more…

End of Term Report: Labour

Labour lost the last election (like all the other parties) and did not go into government – so they have not been able to keep any of their promises (something the Liberals seem incapable of pointing out).  The maths of majority coalition government also makes it very difficult for the opposition to claim much success in blocking policy.

So it is a matter of looking at how well they have handled the politics. Read more…

Property Prices, Gains and Taxation

Ed Miliband got “done over” by Myleene Klass in November concerning property taxes.

On ITV’s The Agenda … Ed Miliband hardly got a word in edgeways, blindsided by a sassy attack from a well-briefed pop star, far harder to tussle with than a mere politician.
The Guardian 19 November 2014 : Mansion tax: most voters are with Ed Miliband, not Myleene Klass

This has to be a policy area loaded with vested interests and self-interest.

Facts: Read more…

Tackling injustice in our country

How do we tackle injustice across our country?
Ed Miliband speaking in Cumbernauld 10 September 2014 – On BBC News Channel 14:10

If Ed really wants to promote this line he has to tackle the separatist plan which starts:

  1. Redefine “our country” to one that is a Tory free zone.
  2. Start changing policies

Read more…

Keeping the Last Colony?

So the colonial masters have finally decided that they need to visit and tell the rebels that it is “just not on”.

If you want to persuade Scots that they should stay in the UK, you don’t at the last minute send in a triple pack of English Politicians to represent the old order. Read more…

Climate Change

Recent weather events have raised the issue of climate change – yet again. The reactions of David Cameron and of Ed Miliband are revealing. Whilst it is true that the Prime Minister has to address current crises (particularly when they affect the South) and the Leader of the Opposition can avoid immediate issues in favour of longer-term issues, their reactions also says something about their attitudes.

Which is worrying.

Read more…

What makes you a Socialist!!??

… on the Today programme on BBC Radio 4, the Labour leader made clear that he is ready to fix prices in other markets: “If competition fails, and if there is evidence it has failed in particular markets, should the regulator act? And if the regulator fails, as has happened in this market, should government act? Absolutely.”

His opponents will say – and are saying already – that this is a shift to the left, an old fashioned Labour reliance on the state to solve all ills.
James Landale BBC blog 25 September 2013 Energy price freeze: A political winner?

Well, let’s try the alternative. Read more…

Marginal Statistics

Ed Miliband says that the increase in VAT tonight (3-4 Jan 2011) from 17.5% to 20% will cost the average family £7.50 a week.  Either his statistics are out or I live in a different world to the “average family” (ref: BBC News Website 3 January 2011: VAT rise will hit families, warns Miliband)

Read more…

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