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Manifesto: Introduction

We are now less than a year from an Election and there is much speculation about how various parties are going to do. Doubtless come the Autumn conferences we shall start to see policy proposals coalesce into manifestos.

It will be interesting (post “tuition fees”) whether parties are a bit more cautious as to what they promise or whether they will make “red line” statements that may inhibit any coalition formation.

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Euro Elections and “Election Promises”

Euro elections (at least in the UK) often suffer from being a referendum on the National Government. It seems that the parties are now joining this view and consequently putting forward dodgy or irrelevant election leaflets.

The Conservative leaflet for East of England (as republished by Julian Ware-Lane, a Southend Labour Councillor and blogger) is an example of what concerns me (other parties no doubt do the same). Read more…

Apologies and Promises

Political Apologies seem to be hitting the headlines again. Two years ago we had the British Prime Minister being cheered in (London)Derry for his apology following the Bloody Sunday Inquiry (The Saville Inquiry).  Then this month we had him again apologising in response to the Hillsborough report (The Hillsborough Independent Panel).  Yet he was not responsible for either event, so in some respects, the apologies (sincere though I believe they were) are a bit odd.

Nick Clegg’s “broken promises” apology (in respect of tuition fees) is a slightly different beast. Read more…

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