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Dave’s negotiating partners

David Cameron seems to be keeping other European Leaders in the dark about what he wants his “renegotiated arrangements” to look like.

Estonian Prime Minister Taavi Roivas and Finnish Prime Minister Juha Sipila say David Cameron has so far failed to provide concrete proposals.
BBC News Website, 29 October 2015 : EU referendum: ‘UK yet to reveal reform details’

He also seems to be keeping the European Parliament similarly in the dark:

One member of the European Parliament compared David Cameron’s act to a Beckett play: “We’re waiting for Cameron. But Cameron never turns up.”

Like the characters “waiting for Godot”, European politicians undergo anticipation, frustration, irritation, boredom and the occasion for philosophising about the meaning of it all.

Many regard the British debate as a distraction, an unwanted wilfully created crisis in the middle of a time of crisis – over the euro, Ukraine and above all migration.
BBC News Website, 29 October 2015 : Mark Mardell, Europe waits for Cameron to show his hand

I think this misunderstands what “wor Dave” is doing. Read more…


I suspect that we are now seeing two “debates” about Scotland.

  • Within Scotland there is a vigorous debate going on with much soul-searching between:
    • a self-confident, self-contained “Yes” campaign that knows what it wants and thinks it can see the way to get it. They have traction.
    • a stuttering, disparate and increasingly desperate “No” campaign that knows what it does not want but cannot coherently vocalise what it does want. It is slipping.
  • Outside Scotland there is a horrified “shadow” semi-debate that lacks any structure or discipline – typical of debates amongst the disenfranchised.

Examples Quotes:

These quotes rather sum up the situation, and illustrate why the Union may be lost. Read more…

Promising a Referendum

Labour has received a

warning from Unite general secretary Len McCluskey that the party risked being “boxed in” at the 2015 general election unless it dropped its opposition to matching David Cameron’s promise to allow voters a say.
The Guardian 3 July 2014 : Labour would be ‘silly’ to offer EU referendum, says Ed Balls

What-ever happens the right wing press is going to attempt to “box in” Labour. So, the question is: Read more…

EU priorities vs Dave’s priorities

This is becoming a car crash that will have interesting implication for how we vote in the 2015 general Election.

French President Francois Hollande described … Mr Cameron’s demands for EU treaty changes by 2017, as a prelude to a referendum on the UK’s membership, as “not a priority for the time being”.
BBC News Website: 31 January 2014 Cameron and Hollande differ over reforms to EU

So how will this play out? Read more…

Sleep-walking behind the Faragistas

Dramatic changes are not necessarily brought about by significant events, but by an accumulation of apparently trivial events.  Thus our policy toward Europe is now (by default) being controlled by the Faragistas. Read more…

Cameron’s Curate’s Egg

Is Cameron’s speech “good in parts”?

Possibly, there is some good in it, but a lot is more than just unpalatable.  The style however is determinedly Euro-septic [sic].  And there lies the problem; is this a genuine attempt to launch a debate about the future structure of Europe, or is he merely “Farraging”?.  I wish it was the former, but I fear it is the latter.

So what can be taken from the speech? Read more…

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