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Fracking Good Geography, Howell

He [Lord Howell] had said that fracking, a form of shale gas extraction, should take place in the North East because there were large uninhabited areas.

But he told the [Telegraph] newspaper north-east England was not “in his mind at all” when he made the comments “but it came out of my mouth as the North East”.
BBC News Website 1 August 2013 Fracking comments peer Lord Howell meant North West
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Tories and Devastation (bit of a Howeller)

He [Conservative Lord Howell of Guildford in the Greater South East] added: “But there are large and uninhabited and desolate areas. Certainly in part of the North East where there’s plenty of room for fracking, well away from anybody’s residence, where we could conduct without any kind of threat to the rural environment.”
BBC News Website 30 July 2013 Fracking OK for ‘desolate’ North East, says Tory peer

Lord Howell obviously has a loose understanding of geography (and recent history). Read more…

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