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Are the geeks inheriting the earth?

There is an interesting article in the Observer of 11 May 2014 by Andrew Smith about his birthplace, now known as Silicon Valley. He concludes:

… for all the excitement and convenience they generate, the tech people are giving us a world which suits them, which we need to start treating with far more caution than we presently do. …
Observer, 11 May 2014 : Silicon Valley: an army of geeks and ‘coders’ shaping our future

It is a worrying portrait of the place that “gives” us apps for our mobiles and tablets and mega-presences like Facebook that seem to be mediating moderating and manipulating so much of our communications.

It is in many senses the same problem as Westminster – an out of touch elite having undue influence on our lives. Read more…


What makes you a Socialist!!??

… on the Today programme on BBC Radio 4, the Labour leader made clear that he is ready to fix prices in other markets: “If competition fails, and if there is evidence it has failed in particular markets, should the regulator act? And if the regulator fails, as has happened in this market, should government act? Absolutely.”

His opponents will say – and are saying already – that this is a shift to the left, an old fashioned Labour reliance on the state to solve all ills.
James Landale BBC blog 25 September 2013 Energy price freeze: A political winner?

Well, let’s try the alternative. Read more…

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