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Campaigning in: Hexham

Basically, don’t bother – unless you are Conservative in which case do a bit of token campaigning to show that you are not taking the voters for granted.

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Lies Damned Lies and Statistics

According to a local paper in my region:

The public will back the return of parking charges in Hexham, according to an online poll
Hexham Courant online Edition : Bring back Hexham parking charges, says poll Last updated at 07:58, Thursday, 11 December 2014

This is a surprise to me, so I read on.

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Would this happen in the South East?

Work to repair a road that has been closed for two years will begin in February, Northumberland County Council has said.

A landslip on Boxing Day 2012 damaged a section of the B6344 at Crag End, Rothbury.

The road was one of the main routes into the town.
BBC News Website 8 December 2014 : Rothbury landslip damaged road to be repaired

We have had floods in the North East and Cumbria (Morpeth, Carlisle, Cockermouth) and mains water disconnected from a major North Eastern market town for almost two weeks (Hexham) and the response was shall we say “leisurely”. Yet when we had floods in Berkshire and Somerset – almost instant Government support. Read more…

“Whatever it costs”

Our dear Prime Minister is deeply concerned about the flooding in the Thames Valley around Oxfordshire (where his constituency is), Buckinghamshire and Berkshire (where Theresa May’s constituency is).

Money is no object in this relief effort. Whatever money is needed we will spend it.
BBC News Website 11 February 2014: UK floods: PM says money ‘no object’ in relief effort

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