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First 100 Days

We are currently 71 days into this government and beginning to see its true colours. The “100 days” mark will occur during recess, so possibly it is worth reviewing how this “One Nation” government is doing.

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The economics of madness

Member of the Question Time (9 July 2015, BBC1 22:47) audience: “So, do you think that raising the Inheritance Tax [threshold] is a good way to balance the books?”

Anna Soubry (Conservative Minister of State for Small Business and Enterprise): “I do, I think it is the right thing to do”

Er, How?

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If it smells partisan, if it sounds partisan, then …

It probably is partisan.

Let’s look at the proposed exemption for “family homes” in the Chancellor’s proposals for “reforming” Inheritance tax. Read more…

Inheritance Tax and Family Homes

A Conservative government would end inheritance tax on family homes worth up to £1m, David Cameron is to announce.

It means most homeowners in the UK would be able to pass on money to their children without paying tax.
BBC Website 11 April 2015 : Election 2015: Tories would cut inheritance tax

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Tax and Consent

In the UK because most of us are employees and subject to PAYE (Pay As You Earn – collected at source by our employer) we have little option but to pay our taxes. However it appears that some people and corporations view taxation as an optional inconvenience.

We think we have little choice but it is said that one of the problems affecting Greece is widespread avoidance of tax by all kinds of people.

… its fiscal woes are also due to a simple fact: tax evasion is the national pastime.
The New Yorker 20 July 2011 : Dodger Mania

Consent to be taxed is vital if we are to fund our society. Is that consent in danger in the UK?

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Marital Mess and Messages

The Tories want to pay married couples a tax bonus “for being married” but are delaying introducing the measure, yet they can find time to legislate for “gay marriage”.  This has got some conservatives up in arms (BBC News Website 3 Feb 2013 Tory chairs urge gay marriage delay – presumably the BBC Sub-editor who writes the “Top stories” links really thinks these backwoodsmen think of themselves as “chairs”).

I think there is an obvious answer that retains the idea of “marrying for love” (and not a tax break) and maintaining some form of control over this potential tax loophole as well as addressing injustices. Read more…

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