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Can Democracy Survive the Internet?

The internet was at one stage hailed as a major democratic tool – allowing us “voters” to have a direct input into the democratic purpose (beyond that of putting an “X” on a piece of paper every few years).

But now we are not so sure. Read more…


Government May Snoop on all of us.

The Government, through our wonderful Home Secretary, Theresa May, wants to be able to log “the who when and where” of all our communications (phone calls, mobile calls, texts, emails, instant messages, Skype phone calls, tweets, blog posts, online forums, web search results, websites visited – but curiously not the old-fashioned post) – and make our ISPs do the logging for them – which means we will pay the snoopers to snoop. (BBC News Website 14 June 2012)

David Davis, a Conservative MP who I usually find far too dry for my liking sums up the argument against this proposal:

“If they really want to do things like this – and we all accept they use data to catch criminals – get a warrant. Get a judge to sign a warrant, not the guy at the next desk, not somebody else in the same organisation.

“The only people who will avoid this are the actual criminals, because there are ways around this – you use an internet cafe, you hack into somebody’s wi-fi, you use what’s called proxy servers, and they are just the easy ways.”

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