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Politicians and Jesus

A few decades ago “being a Christian” might have been viewed as essential for anyone hoping to be selected as a Parliamentary candidate in the UK.

The fact that it is now “an issue” says something about how much we have changed – and something about modern politics. Read more…

A feasible war

Reading about the Great War and comparing it to more modern wars, I have previously been struck by two major differences:

  • The scale of casualties suffered by our armed services – the total (allied) losses in a war are now less than the losses in the first hour of the battle of the Somme
  • The level and intensity of media coverage – a press that now sees independence as more important than patriotism and has the means of instant communication

This had always led me to wonder about the present day feasibility of war.  Would the public accept even the current level of casualties or would they say “out”?  Could the media be controlled to hide our casualties? Read more…

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