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We voted against Elites; the Elites consolidate

It has been said that much of the reason for the Brexit vote was people’s desire to vote against elites. So what has changed?

There are changes in the Conservative party and there are rumblings within the Labour Party. Read more…

Post “The Day” Reflections

Ok, I think it’s a disaster and I am livid at what I see as the way both campaigns – but particularly Leave’s – were run. (Remain was inept, but Leave at times seemed deliberately devious.) If I had been active in the campaign I would also be feeling sore.
But the deed is done and we have to accept the result even if we can’t respect it. But there are a number of issues that bear closer examination.

Read more…

An Argument to Remain – at last?

Today a non-hysterical argument was finally made for remaining in the EU.

It stands in interesting contrast to the “Vote Leave to get a Drier Conservative Government” argument that we are increasingly seen put forward by the Quitters. (Dry? Think Thatcher and Wets vs Drys) Imagine Gove, Grayling, Patel, (Boris) Johnson, and the likes of Rees-Mogg, Bone, and Farage forming a “caring conservative” government with more cuts in taxes (particularly for the richer who are meant to pay taxes but funded by doctrinaire cuts in services) and a bonfire of regulations that protect us. Read more…

Putting the Submarine before the Missile

Jeremy Corbyn has suggested the UK could keep its Trident submarine fleet but without carrying nuclear warheads.

The Labour leader told the Andrew Marr show that protecting defence jobs was his “first priority” and there were “options” for doing this while taking a lead in global nuclear “de-escalation”.
BBC News Website, 17 January 2016 : Corbyn: UK could keep Trident submarines but without warheads

This strikes me as being as stupid as putting the cart before the horse! Without the nuclear missiles the justification for these exceptionally expensive submarines disappears.

It also worries me that it appears that the Labour leader is prepared to build these white elephants (for that is what they will be under a Corbyn Government) purely to protect the jobs of Unite members. There has to be a better way of spending the money. Read more…

Labour won’t find its soul by navel gazing

… last year’s election defeat could be reduced to two key factors – Labour’s failure to pay enough attention to “economic competence”, and the fact that “the public did not perceive Ed Miliband as a credible prime minister”.
The Guardian, 1 January 2016 : When are Labour party ‘moderates’ going to do more than just moan?

But behind that there is a rejection of Labour’s attempts to hold power by trying to ape the Tories – they can never be “better Tories than the Tories”. If unrestrained global capitalism is the name of the game you might as well vote Tory.

But if unrestrained global capitalism is not the name of the game … Read more…

Who runs the Party; the members or the PLP?

This morning on the Today Programme:

Diane Abbott, shadow international development secretary and a key Jeremy Corbyn ally, has told the Today programme that allowing a free vote on Syria to the labour party “hands victory to Cameron over these air strikes”.

“We’re a party of government and a party of government has to have a position on matters of peace and war,” she told presenter Sarah Montague.

Ms Abbott said that leader Jeremy Corbyn did not want to see either sackings or resignations.

“However, the party and increasingly the public would be disappointed if we didn’t oppose these air strikes to the limits of our ability,” she said.
BBC Radio 4 Today Programme, 30 November 2015 (morning) : Labour free vote on Syria ‘hands victory to Cameron’

So what happened? Read more…

Political Honesty or Automata?

Oh dear, we say we want honest politicians who are not political automata, we want authenticity, but then when we start to get it there is uproar!

(But does the uproar come from the wider electorate or the professional commentariat?) Read more…

Sticking Plaster Solutions?

Harriett Harman – former elected deputy leader of the Labour Party – has been speaking again about gender balance (as opposed to gender equality) in “Corbyn’s Labour Party”

Ms Harman acknowledged “very important” posts like shadow health secretary and shadow education secretary were currently filled by women.

But the elected positions of leader, deputy leader, general secretary and London mayoral candidate were occupied by men, she said, “before you even get to the appointed jobs” chosen by Mr Corbyn.

“So Jeremy needs to think about how it has been perceived”, she said, proposing the “very easy” solution of an additional, female, deputy leader.
BBC News Website, 17 November 2015 : Harriet Harman says Labour is too male-dominated

Now it is possible that she has been misreported, but from the report cited above her remarks seem oddly targeted. Read more…

Labour “split the atom” policy

“Renewed Labour” is going through growing pains:

No doubt the UK Conservative party will try and make hay with these developments – but then they tend to go for the “easy” short-term debating-club win rather than look at the strategic picture and the danger these developments could present. Read more…

What does a Lord do when they disagree with their party’s membership?

Today (20 October 2015) we have seen a Labour Peer “resign the Labour whip” – but not apparently resign from the party. This strikes me as strange because from the noise that Lord Warner is making this morning his gripe is not with his fellow Labour Peers, but with the Labour membership and their choice of leader.

He quotes Dennis Healey:

“There are are far too many people who want to luxuriate complacently in the moral righteousness of opposition – we are not just a debating society.

“We are not just a Sunday socialist school. We are a great movement that wants to help real people living on this earth at the present time. We shall never be able to help them unless we get power.”
Guardian website, 20 October 2015 : Lord Warner resigns Labour whip, saying party is ‘no longer credible’

This may be true in the old two-party politics of “turn and turn about”, but Read more…

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