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Cash for Votes – again

So the Labour Machine is at it again.

If you joined early this year responding to the “join and be a full part of Labour”, your membership contract apparently does not include the right to vote in an election that was not in the offing when you joined and which was called many months after you joined.

The appeal court has decided that the NEC (the top machine of a party that understands machine politics) is allowed to disqualify a group of members from having a right to vote in the leadership election. Presumably the NEC has something against this group of members. Breach of Contract does not apply – you cannot ask for “specific performance”.

But wait all was not lost … Read more…

Discrimination to rig elections

Jane Hill, presenting the BBC’s coverage of the Labour Leadership election result (12 September 2015), asked Diane Abbott if it was a problem that the leader was a man, that the deputy leader was a man and that the London Mayoral candidate was a man.

Shame on her – she misses the point. Read more…

The Uncomfortable Coalition

Asked if she [Yvette Cooper] was worried if the party could split if he [Jeremy Corbyn] wins, she said: “I am, because I’m worried what’s happening at the moment, that the party does seem to be polarising between the different extremes and I don’t think that is the right thing to do.

“Partly, we want to hold our party together in order to win. Divided parties don’t win, but it’s actually much more than that. I just don’t think the extremes of the party are the right place to be and are true to our values and are true to the things we need to do to change the country for the future.”
BBC News Website 20 August 2015 : Labour Party could split under Jeremy Corbyn, Yvette Cooper says

It is (or was) of course open to someone to put themselves forward as a candidate not at the extremes. The fact that the centre appears vacant possibly says something about “Labour” in the 21st century.

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Labour Pains

What is likely to be the result of the Labour Leadership election?

Polls – possibly based on slightly shaky sampling – seem to be predicting Jeremy Corbyn as being the first round winner. Whether he gets the required outright majority to win on the first count is less clear.

Ideally the result should be clear-cut. Read more…

Stifling Political Diversity

The acting leader of the Labour Party is a great believer in diversity – even if she does not stray much beyond the dimension of gender.

It has struck me however that the Labour Leadership Election is a major exercise in reducing the diversity of political opinion that is to be offered to the British electorate. It seems that we can be offered Socialism or “Modern Labour” but not both. Which is a shame.

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Rats in a Sack (and not understanding AV!)

The Cooper and Burnham camps have traded blows over their views on Mr Corbyn and their place in the contest.

A spokesman for the former said on Monday that Mr Burnham should “step back and leave it to Yvette” if he could not provide an alternative to Mr Corbyn
BBC News Website 18 August 2015 : Labour leadership: Burnham criticises Cooper call to quit

Apart from being unedifying, it also shows a remarkable disrespect for the electorate and misunderstanding of the benefits of AV. Read more…

Cannot organise an election in a constituency?

Harriet Harman has written to all Labour MPs asking them to check new members are not trying to skew the party’s leadership contest.

Each MP has been sent a list of new members from their constituency so they can check for suspicious names. …

Ms Harman, the acting leader, wants to ensure anyone who does not “share Labour’s values” is weeded out. …

Last week Ms Harman told the Guardian a similar email had been sent to constituency Labour parties.
BBC News Website 5 August 2015 : Labour leadership: Harriet Harman warns MPs over new members

This has all the makings of a shambles. What happens if an MP or constituency official “discovers” someone “suspicious”? Ballot papers go out shortly, so what is to be done? Read more…

The Activists, Members, Supporters, Voters, Us Disconnect

There is an interesting comment on Labour List about the Leadership Election that concludes:

Broadly, then, CLPs [Constituency Labour Parties] nominating left wing candidates have a history of not voting for them.
Labour List 17 July 2015 : What do CLP nominations actually tell us about the final results?

To a degree this is unsurprising, but what conclusions should party members (of all parties) draw from this observation?

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