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Enemies of the People

The country is split; horribly horribly split. This week’s High Court judgement has opened the split even more.

But dig deeper and it is not a Brexit vs Anti-Brexit split. It is a deeper and more dangerous split amongst the people of this country. The split is between those who have given up on the major institutions of the country (Parliament, Judiciary, City, “Mainstream Media”) – as well as the EU and all its institutions – and those who are still trying to have faith in some of the institutions.

Read more…

Unwitted Consequences

Single man meets single woman on dating site – nothing salacious, no story even for the gutter press.

The man is a cabinet minister – again no story just sympathy for someone in the public eye trying to form a relationship.

The woman has a chequered professional past – again no real story; dating websites are said to be full of profiles that don’t exactly tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

Relationship ends – again no story just sympathy for someone in the public eye trying to form a relationship.

So why are we abuzz with stories of hypocrisy, lack of transparency and conflicts of interest? Read more…

Scots can escape Westminster’s expenses mire; wish I could

Once again we have a Westminster Scandal.

The culture secretary, 50, is under fire after she was forced to apologise to the House of Commons for over-claiming mortgage costs in relations to her second home parliamentary allowance before 2009.
BBC News Website 6 April 2014: Profile: Maria Miller

(From my hearing of the apology she appear to be apologising not for over-claiming, but for obstructing the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards investigation).

This stinks (from so many directions) and I wish I could disassociate myself from this rotten wretched Westminster system. Could this be the final tipping point for Scots considering how to vote in the independence referendum? Read more…

A Free Press?

What do we mean by a free press? Is it another marker of what we mean by a “modern democracy”? We have so many models. Read more…

A Free Press – is it what we really want?

Certain elements of the Press are getting very hot under the collar at the idea that they might be regulated – and the elements that are getting heated are those that most need regulation.  It does however appear that they have successfully put the heat on the Government – or at least the Tory element of it.

The Press can still have a huge influence and the market share of the News International and The Daily Mail and General Trust is huge and that share is vocal in its dislike of the Leveson proposals.  For large numbers of the population their message floods all others.

Regulation will constrain the “Freedom of the Press” – but to do what? Read more…

Lock-in at the last chance saloon?*

Tomorrow the Leveson Enquiry is published. Some very powerful voices seem to be being raised to give the press (yet) another chance. This, decades on from David Mellor’s comment that they “were drinking in the last chance saloon”. Read more…

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