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Tomorrow’s Party

The (UK) Electoral Reform society has launched a short public consultation on what tomorrow’s party should look like.

Will Brett Head of Media at the Electoral Reform Society discusses it on Democratic Audit. Read more…

Neilisms and out of context factoids

Andrew Neil was lambasting the Liberal Democrats today (BBC2 Daily Politics 24 September 2012) with the unreferenced factoid: the “top 10% pay 55% of all income tax paid”. Out of context it is meaningless and does nothing other than make Andrew Neil look like a bully.

I wonder how much of all income does the top 10% snaffle? More than 55%? If it is more than 55%, I very much hope that they are paying at least 55% of all income tax paid.  Looking at Wealth Accumulation and Total Tax might be even more illuminating.

Are similar figures available for the top 1%, the top 0.1% and the top 0.01%?

Once we know this we may be able to have a more educated debate about the progressiveness of our tax system.

By George (2), a Bradford Spring!

Another George is in the headlines and outside the marginals a parliamentary seat has changed hands. (Ref: George Galloway wins Bradford West by-election,). BBC News 30 Mar 2012).  Unfortunately I suspect it is a one-off, but underlying this result there may be a “crack in the dam”. Read more…

Disillusioned and still Disenfranchised

What a surprise, the forces of conservatism have won.

The fact that I have not posted for months underlines how I feel about UK politics – I just cannot see the situation changing other than the possible break up of the Union. Read more…

A hard lesson for the Liberal Democrats

It seemed so easy; get photographed signing a pledge that you would oppose tuition fees and work to abolish them. But then you end up in Government and unable to implement your manifesto. No wonder students are giving the Lib Dems a look that would put them six feet under – or possibly 120 times that depth. Read more…

Conference Mischief

I am beginning to get worried (again) about the coverage of our political conferences.  This is mainly based on watching the BBC’s conference coverage (Daily Politics etc.) and Channel 4 News.  I am afraid that I have almost given up on the print media. Read more…

Still not getting it

Shock horror! Lib Dem conference votes against the Coalition education policy.  Even more shock horror Lib Dem ministers say it will make no difference!

Read more…

Given them an inch and they will take at least a Cable

The rather synthetic cries of outrage from “the capitalists’ spokesmen” alerted me to the fact that someone had dared to suggest that capitalism was either:

  • not all it was cracked up to be, or
  • if it was, then maybe society did not feel they benefited from capitalism

Obviously a really major ground-breaking speech was about to be made.

Read more…

Universal benefits

Just been watching the BBC Daily Politics (Liberal) Conference Special where they had a “mood balls” survey about whether Child Benefit should be universal.  By a heavy majority (on a small sample) those who voted (including some Lib Dem MPs) voted against universality.

This surprised me – particularly since it would strike me as much easier to administer a benefit if it is universal, but then to claw it back from those who don’t need / deserve it by adjusting higher rate thresholds.

An Alternative Voting System

The Conservative – Liberal Coalition has promised a referendum on the introduction of the Alternative Vote (AV), yet:

  • The Conservatives will campaign against AV in the referendum
  • AV is not the reformed system that the Liberals want
  • AV will not bring about the change that most of those calling for reform want

Read more…

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