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Market Forces

We are meant to believe that Market Forces are “the best” means to organise an economy.

Increasingly, I find myself questioning this belief – but being uncertain of the best alternative.

This week two examples have further disturbed that belief. Read more…

Pay and market forces

Our “blue in tooth and claw” market-forces system leads to pay situations that (to most of us) just seem wrong. One example might be

… the Chief Executive of Southend University Hospital has picked up an extra £20K in a year that has seen her A&E department branded amongst the worst in the UK. …

Her staff’s potential evidently is not reflected in decent pay rises – whilst Ms Totterdell struggles to get by on £175K, her staff have been offered a below inflation 1% rise.
Julian’s Musings 30 July 2014 : Rewards for failure – what the increasingly privatised NHS brings

Unfortunately Pay is determined not by quality and results but by rarity.

Read more…

Bishop bashing the energy companies

An archbishop with a background in business is urging the energy companies to “act with generosity, rather than just maximising profit.” (BBC News Website 20 October 2013)

But surely, the conservatives will chorus, businesses are obliged to maximise shareholder value and it’s our pensions that depend on them doing that? Read more…

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