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Conference Mischief: Andrew Neil compares Centrica to Tesco!

On today’s Daily Politics (BBC2 25 September 2013) Andrew Neil is working hard (I think he may have been briefed by the energy lobby’s guardian angel – or should that be knight in shining armour?) in his interview with Stephen Twigg. I think he (AN) thinks he is the story – unfortunately he is making his attitude the story. Read more…


Conference Mischief: Energising Labour

On PM tonight (Radio 4 17:00 24 September) Douglas Alexander was being goaded by the interviewer as to whether some of the policies announced by Ed Miliband during his speech this afternoon “represented Socialism”. The interviewer, Eddie Mair, I think, was particularly concerned that the Energy Price Freeze was actually the re-introduction of Socialist Price Controls. Shock Horror! Read more…

Mixed Mandates

Today’s Independent (10 July 2013 ) reports:

English MPs are to be given the power to “veto” Westminster laws that do not relate to Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland, as part of sweeping constitutional reforms being drawn up by ministers.
Under proposals currently being finalised and expected to be announced in the autumn, English MPs would be able to reject legislation on devolved issues such as education, the NHS, transport and the environment, even if it had been passed by a majority of all MPs in the House of Commons.
Oliver Wright: English revolution in House of Commons: Plan to give England’s MPs right to veto on issues not affecting Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland

I fail to see how this is actually going to improve the situation and suspect the Tories know this and might be planning mischief. Read more…

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