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Royal Mail – death spiral for letters

So we learn that the “Royal” Mail is wanting to bring forward the “last posting time” to early afternoon or even sometime in the morning.

Collection times at almost half the Royal Mail’s collection boxes will be brought forward to between 9am and 3pm.

Between 45,000 and 50,000 of the company’s post boxes will move to the earlier collections.

Royal Mail says there will still be a late posting box within half a mile of areas affected and will add 2,000 post boxes to its 115,000 network.

The earlier collections will be picked up by delivery staff as part of their existing rounds.
BBC News website 8 August 2014 : Royal Mail cuts half its later collection times

Surely they realise that they are sending their letters business into a death spiral?

  • It is ludicrously expensive to send a piece of paper through the mail, so
  • More of us use email, so
  • The postboxes have less mail in them, so
  • The “Royal” Mail argue that it is not worth sending a van round to collect the mail, so
  • We have to go further to post a letter, so …

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Power to the People (or Not)

I am currently watching Ed Davey (Energy Secretary) on the BBC News Channel pontificating about insisting that those people in the South of England who have had their electricity off since before Christmas are reconnected.

As the interviewer said “it’s just verbiage” – the Government can’t do anything because it does not control the levers of power. Read more…

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