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Second Class High Speed Rail

There seems to be a bit of momentum behind HS3 – or High Speed Rail along the M62 corridor.

Only a bit mind – part of the route and not very “high-speed” and only possibly planned.

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“Whatever it costs”

Our dear Prime Minister is deeply concerned about the flooding in the Thames Valley around Oxfordshire (where his constituency is), Buckinghamshire and Berkshire (where Theresa May’s constituency is).

Money is no object in this relief effort. Whatever money is needed we will spend it.
BBC News Website 11 February 2014: UK floods: PM says money ‘no object’ in relief effort

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Fracking Good Geography, Howell

He [Lord Howell] had said that fracking, a form of shale gas extraction, should take place in the North East because there were large uninhabited areas.

But he told the [Telegraph] newspaper north-east England was not “in his mind at all” when he made the comments “but it came out of my mouth as the North East”.
BBC News Website 1 August 2013 Fracking comments peer Lord Howell meant North West
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The Sun shines on the North

I am not a fan of the Sun and would be quite happy to see its current form “filtered” off the News-stands and away from the eyes of both easily corrupted school-boys and anxious uncertain school-girls, but sometime even misogynist dinosaurs can hit the mark.

OUR Royals seem to enjoy long lives.

But even without those good genes and the best possible medical care, His Royal Highness Prince George of Cambridge would probably still live seven years longer than a boy born in the North on the same day.

That is the grim reality of the North-South divide that seems impossible to bridge. The simple truth is that richer areas are healthier.

Any Prime Minister who could substantially narrow that gap by focusing on generating wealth in the North would save countless lives.

And go down in history as a great.

The Sun 25 July 2013: Sun Says

It highlights a major inequality and points towards the only sustainable way to address that inequality. Read more…

What to do about London?

London seems to be growing almost exponentially and policy seems to be ever more London centric. Outside the “Home Counties” the rest of the country seems to be being left behind – much to the resentment of the rich South East.

And yet we read of problems in London.  Congestion, Airport under-capacity, Spiralling House prices (OK if you have one) and key workers unable to afford to live in London but unable to afford to travel into London.

Surely continuing like this is madness? Read more…

HS2: Northern Section – TBA

Today’s announcement (gov.uk 29 January 2013) is being promoted as “joining the north”, “solving the North-South Divide”.

I suppose it is to be welcomed (even if it will not open until 2032-33 – twenty years time!) but it does expose a rather London-centric view of the country. The Geography is dodgy and the topography of the line is also a give-away. Read more…

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