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Twitting about Wire-Taps

The latest morning tweets from Trump allege that Obama wire-tapped him. He offers no evidence (hard to get in in 140 characters), but demands a Congressional investigation.

This could be just more early morning venting. But it might (possibly) be more subtle. Read more…


Shrill refusal to recognise the obvious

The US and the EU are on the verge of concluding a comprehensive trade deal – TTIP (Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership). Personally I don’t like it (I think it gives too much power to corporations and am worried about the possible impact on the NHS – despite assurances to the contrary.)

But this does not push me towards the Leave camp. Most members of the leave camp are the sort of people who would welcome the aspects of TTIP that I dislike!

It has however taken years to negotiate. So realistically what will happen if we leave the EU? Read more…

Obama’s dilemma and International Will

Recently his [Obama’s] words have lost a little of their ability to glamour the listener.

Mr Obama is one of the few politicians who display their internal workings, and that has its charm.

But it is not only the Prince of Denmark’s soliloquies that are a reflection of indecision, that blunt actual action. Battling it out inside the president’s soul there are at least three instincts. Read more…

Miranda and Democracy

In an earlier post I started to ponder what was meant by Democracy.  The post was partly provoked by the difficult situation in Egypt.  The detention of David Miranda last week-end have brought some other aspects into focus. Read more…

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