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What the hell DO we want?

51.9% (of those who voted) don’t want the status quo. That was meant to be the “EU membership” status quo, but has probably been taken to mean a more general status quo.

So apart from “something different” what do the Brexiteers / Leavers / Quitters want? Read more…

Post “The Day” Reflections

Ok, I think it’s a disaster and I am livid at what I see as the way both campaigns – but particularly Leave’s – were run. (Remain was inept, but Leave at times seemed deliberately devious.) If I had been active in the campaign I would also be feeling sore.
But the deed is done and we have to accept the result even if we can’t respect it. But there are a number of issues that bear closer examination.

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Parallel Universes; Boris and the BCC

  1. An organisation declares that it will remain neutral during the EU Referendum.
  2. Its director general at that organisation’s annual conference in a formal speech breaks ranks with that organisation’s declared neutrality. BBC News Website, 3 March 2016 | UK future ‘may be brighter outside EU’, says BCC boss
  3. That organisation suspends its director general.

Seems totally reasonable – you can’t have an organisation’s director general using his position at that organisation’s annual conference to speak (even “in a personal capacity”) against the organisation’s agreed line. That’s comparable to the Prime Minister breaking with the Government’s line on an issue.

But then:

So what is happening? What does it tell us about the current political situation?

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