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Post “The Day” Reflections

Ok, I think it’s a disaster and I am livid at what I see as the way both campaigns – but particularly Leave’s – were run. (Remain was inept, but Leave at times seemed deliberately devious.) If I had been active in the campaign I would also be feeling sore.
But the deed is done and we have to accept the result even if we can’t respect it. But there are a number of issues that bear closer examination.

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The Potency of Protest Votes

I cannot say for certain, but there is definitely a protest vote at work here too. I can only advise voters to be careful that their protest does not have unforeseen consequences.
Julian’s musings 21 February 2015 Anyone but UKIP.

Sometimes if protest votes (previously for Lib Dems, Greens or BNP) are ignored, voters might choose to give their protest vote to someone who scares those “elite parties” that seem to have an effective monopoly on ineffective government. The prospect of “unforeseen consequences” (particularly in the eyes those “elite parties”) just makes the protest look more potent. Read more…

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