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Is the country full?

Julian Ware-Lane’s blog often has some interesting data, sometimes enlightening, other times rather meaningless. The latest thought-provoking post questions whether the country is “full up”.

On the basis of the data he presents, he says no. But the data does not address what is meant by a country being “full up” in today’s global world. Read more…

London is housing a problem

The housing benefit controversy illustrates just what a mess London is in. Read more…

No faith, not much hope, but more charity?

The Coalition Government says that “Big Society” and the Voluntary Sector will pick-up some of the functions abandoned by the State (particularly Local Government). I am not so sure – particularly in my region (the North East of England). Read more…

Public Service / Private Wealth Creation

The new government seems to believe that by cutting back on public services it can improve the wealth of the country.  I’m not convinced.  If the services are required they will be privately purchased by the economically able and distressingly missed by the economically less-able.  This will not necessarily improve the economy.

Two questions need to be addressed:

  • Public or Private: what is the difference?
  • Wealth consuming activities or Wealth creating activities?

I think the solution to the economy’s problems lie in the second question. But let’s kick the first into touch. Read more…

All in this together?

We are meant to be “all in this together” according to our Chancellor who also tells us that we are living beyond our means.  However, what “this” is and how we are “in it together” is open to debate. Read more…

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