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UKIP: Naive or something less savoury?

UKIP have been on the TV quite a bit recently specifically:

To be honest telling which one was fiction and which one was factual was difficult! Read more…

Migration and the Greater South East

An infographic about migration into the Greater South East republished on Julian’s Musings Blog claims:

Polls show that on average people think there are far more immigrants than there really are. – 31%

– 31% of people polled thought there were far more immigrants, or
– on average people thought there were 31% more immigrants than there really were?
Presumably the latter, but that probably says something about people’s willingness to assume that someone who speaks with a foreign accent or who is not white is an immigrant.

These sort of facts provoke so many other questions. Read more…

Football must ‘catch up’ with society says UN commissioner

The BBC Website today (22 March 2013 – Football must ‘catch up’ with society says UN commissioner) makes the point that Football (i.e. Association Football/Soccer and I think predominantly the professional “game”) is behind the times when it comes to diversity, particularly in its attitudes to gender, sexual orientation and race.

In some ways this is no great surprise – which makes the situation all the more shocking.  Certainly in the UK (and I suspect many other countries) professional football seems to live in a world of its own: Read more…

Why do we hate migrants?

The latest attempts to reduce immigration by our coalition government raises some interesting questions.  They are “committed” to reducing the number of immigrants, but with immigration, it’s not the numbers that are the issue (unless you just hate foreigners); it’s the country’s ability to cope with them. Read more…

Immigration: Symptoms or Causes?

Some say that to discuss the immigration issue is “racist”.  I think we need to be careful exactly what we discuss; starting with symptoms is probably better than jumping to causes.  So Symptoms:

  • Pressure on Social Housing
  • Pressure on Education – particularly the impact of mixed language classes
  • Pressure on the Health Service
  • Pressure on the Labour Market – particularly when workers are working for less than minimum wage

These pressures arise from a community trying to cope with “incomers”. The incomers could be: Read more…

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