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The Legacy of Cameron

There is much writing about the “bad boys of Brexit” – those who fiddled the referendum and spread the lies. But we have to remember the man who enabled the referendum and the resulting mess. Read more…

Post “The Day” Reflections

Ok, I think it’s a disaster and I am livid at what I see as the way both campaigns – but particularly Leave’s – were run. (Remain was inept, but Leave at times seemed deliberately devious.) If I had been active in the campaign I would also be feeling sore.
But the deed is done and we have to accept the result even if we can’t respect it. But there are a number of issues that bear closer examination.

Read more…

What If: (best move for #Remain)?

Today we are told that Cameron and Osborne are for a while stepping back from the Remain campaign:

Labour may be taking centre stage today, but Chancellor George Osborne has still been on the campaign trail in Liverpool. He was asked by the BBC whether a degree of panic within the Remain campaign had prompted the “Labour fightback”.

“We want to make sure as we approach this vital vote… that all the voices are heard, not just the Conservative government voices – important as they are – but also the voices of the Labour Party, the voices of the union movement,” he said.

“So you will hear lots of these voices now in the final run in to this referendum because people need to know that all sorts of different political parties, all sorts of different political opinions, all the unions, businesses, the works, we all agree on this.”
BBC News Website, 13 June 2016 | EU referendum campaign latest: Vital that all pro-EU voices are heard, says George Osborne

Which makes me wonder; what might be the best thing that could happen for the Remain Campaign? Read more…

What a way to decide!

I don’t like to say that the “British People” – averaged out – are incapable of making big decisions, but the various Quit/Stay campaigners are making it very difficult and illustrating why referenda are not necessarily a good idea. Read more…

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