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On the Precipice; No one likes us, it’s OK

What will happen on Thursday 23 June 2016 – the day of the EU In/Out Referendum promised to the Euro-septics? More importantly what happens afterwards?

We are told it’s going to be OK. The remain team’s warnings are overblown and can be dismissed (“dismiss” is the Leave team’s reflex reaction to anything Remain says) and we will have freedom! (Think Braveheart – staring Nigel Farage and Buffo Johnson) Read more…

Regionalisation of the EU

In an article posted today (25 August 2014) on Democratic Audit, it is noted:

2014 will be an important year for a number of regions in the EU. Political developments in the UK, Spain and Belgium have seen subnational entities – Scotland, Catalonia and Flanders – become increasingly autonomous. Today, political movements in all three regions are openly calling for independence and, having achieved this, to become established as EU member states in their own right.
Democratic Audit 25 August 2014 : Scotland and Catalonia would face very real challenges in making a seamless transition to EU membership after independence

The use of “subnational” is interesting and raises the point of what a “member state” is. Read more…

Parallels 100 years on

100 years ago a conflict started that brought death to one household in 6 in the UK. That we should mark this event would seem appropriate, but what is an appropriate mark?

Read more…

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