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Conservatives and Interest Rates

Thatcher’s Government: “Interest rates must be high to protect the economy”

Cameron’s Government: “Interest rates must be low to protect the economy”

Can some economist please explain how two Conservative Governments can have such contradictory views? Read more…

Biased BBC

“A letter from a reader”

Dear Sir,

I am apoplectic, so apoplectic that I feel I should write to you even during the broadcast of the Queen’s Coronation Anniversary Service.  What does the BBC think it is up to? Read more…

The Legacy of the Thatcher-fest

Channel 4 News quoting unnamed cabinet minister:

We have had a Thatcher-fest and we will reap the whirlwind.

The Funeral has (as is the victor’s practice) attempted to rewrite history.  They claim that she was the greatest post-war Prime Minister, the First Women Prime Minister, and the longest Serving Prime Minister.  Have they over-played their hand?

Read more…

Reflections in a dark pool

We have had media saturation covering Thatcher’s funeral (17 April 2013) and some provocative comments about her legacy and importance.  A number have claimed that she was a unifying force. Read more…

Going over the top – a example of multi-channel broadcasting

The Thatcher Funeral was covered live on:

  • BBC1, (The “National TV Channel” must show “national events”)
  • BBC HD (“Because they can”)
  • BBC News Channel, (The “News Channel” must show this “News Event” in full to the exclusion of all else)
  • BBC Red Button, (The “out of schedule” facility must show this “out of schedule event”)
  • BBC Radio4, FM and LW (The “National Radio Channel” must cover “national events”)
  • BBC Radio 5Live (This is a live event so they must cover it)
  • BBC on-line (for those away from TV and Radio transmissions – even iPlayer).  Read more…

Ding Dong ( © Leslie Thomas )

BBC Newswatch (12 April 2013 20:45 News Channel): Two viewers commenting on Thatcher coverage – one from Glasgow and one from Tunbridge Wells.  This is getting beyond satire!

From Glasgow complaining about sycophantic reporting; from Tunbridge Wells disgusted about lack of respect!

In respect of the Munchkins’ song, Auntie appears to have her knickers in a twist (homage to Leslie Thomas – ding dong!)

Read more…


I always thought of Labour as being the knee-jerk tribal party.  Perhaps that’s because I live outside of the “Home Counties”.  I am beginning to change my mind. Read more…

Baroness Thatcher: There was no alternative

The death of Baroness Thatcher (Prime Minister 1979-1990) has been announced today (8 April 2013).  It will inevitably provoke much discussion and debate.

Those of us who did not personally know her need to remember that she was a wife and mother before she was an MP.  Those who privately grieve her passing will have to do so in the midst of a media storm.

The media storm is going over the top.  I notice that the BBC News Broadcasters have changed into “full mourning” garb (black suits, black ties), and there is talk of her having a funeral “on a par with that of the Queen Mother” (BBC One O’clock News 8 April 2013).  (“Ceremonial with full military honours” – ITN News 1:30 8 April 2013.) This coverage is to be regretted as it could provoke an unseemly backlash from those who struggle to mourn the politician whilst knowing they should permit the mourning of the person.  I think this says as much about the media as the person. Read more…

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