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HS2: Northern Section – TBA

Today’s announcement (gov.uk 29 January 2013) is being promoted as “joining the north”, “solving the North-South Divide”.

I suppose it is to be welcomed (even if it will not open until 2032-33 – twenty years time!) but it does expose a rather London-centric view of the country. The Geography is dodgy and the topography of the line is also a give-away. Read more…


The consequences of casualisation

I am inhibited by the London Olympic Games and Paralympic Games Act 2006 and the Olympic Symbol (Protection) Act of 1995 from using certain words (see explanation on BBC News Website 13 July 2012)  in this post. I hope the sponsorship police accept my deletions as trying to stay within the “Olympic©®™ Spirit”.  However there are certain words which we are not prohibited from using in connection with the forthcoming Capital Jamboree. Read more…

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