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Corbyn would not press the button

This morning, Mr Corbyn told me explicitly, indeed with some irritation, that there was no way that he would ever use nuclear weapons because they are “immoral”. …

His position on ruling out taking such action as a last resort has immediately been criticised by not one, not two, but three of his shadow cabinet.

They haven’t just rejected his view, but are angry that he has pre-empted the results of the policy review he wants the party to carry out.
Laura Kuenssberg, Political editor, BBC News Website, 30 September 2015 : Risks for Corbyn over nuclear stance

Why is this such a surprise – or are “honest politicians” meant to become dishonest on being elected? Read more…

Trident as a job sustaining scheme

So Labour is not going to even discuss Trident renewal.

Some trade unions are against scrapping Trident because it will cost jobs but Mr Corbyn says Britain should ditch its “weapons of mass destruction”.
BBC News Website, 27 September 2015 : Labour conference: Delegates will not debate Trident

This unfortunately speaks volumes about Labour and the Unions. Read more…

A Programme for the Majority?

Just imagine the following programme for government:

  • Reform
    • A shake up of Westminster
    • Abolition of the House of Lords
    • A fair voting system
  • Public Services
    • No tuition fees
    • Educational Maintenance Allowance including part-time college students
    • The NHS in public hands, halting the tide of NHS privatisation
    • Abolition of prescription charges
    • Explicit protection for the NHS on the face of the TTIP agreement
  • Fairness
    • Pensions that protect our older people.
    • A decent welfare system that helps people into work
    • Eradication of working practices that have no place in a decent, modern economy
    • a Living Wage nation
    • Strengthening of the law against domestic abuse – speed up the court process, give more support to victims, and expand schemes to help offenders change their behaviour
    • Gender Equality: Removal of Systemic and institutional barriers – the pay gap, occupational segregation, a lack of affordable childcare and, sometimes, just outdated attitudes
  • Other
    • No new generation of Trident nuclear weapons
    • Deficit reduction but not slash and burn austerity
    • Stay in Europe

If we could break the internal coalitions in the old elitist parties, could we envisage a parliamentary coalition to support this programme? Read more…

On the horns of a trident

Trident was great when we needed to be able to obliterate Moscow – or was it?  The so-called “independent deterrent” can certainly lurk unseen and possibly send mass weapons of mass destruction towards Moscow with a moderate chance that some would get through.

However Trident is horrendously expensive – and would we ever be able to fire a nuclear weapon without the agreement of the Americans?  The last few years have demonstrated that our foreign and defence policies are tightly tied in to the Americans.  I cannot envisage a situation where we could fire such a weapon – let alone a situation where the Americans were not also firing theirs at the same targets. Read more…

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