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Twitting about Wire-Taps

The latest morning tweets from Trump allege that Obama wire-tapped him. He offers no evidence (hard to get in in 140 characters), but demands a Congressional investigation.

This could be just more early morning venting. But it might (possibly) be more subtle. Read more…


Are the geeks inheriting the earth?

There is an interesting article in the Observer of 11 May 2014 by Andrew Smith about his birthplace, now known as Silicon Valley. He concludes:

… for all the excitement and convenience they generate, the tech people are giving us a world which suits them, which we need to start treating with far more caution than we presently do. …
Observer, 11 May 2014 : Silicon Valley: an army of geeks and ‘coders’ shaping our future

It is a worrying portrait of the place that “gives” us apps for our mobiles and tablets and mega-presences like Facebook that seem to be mediating moderating and manipulating so much of our communications.

It is in many senses the same problem as Westminster – an out of touch elite having undue influence on our lives. Read more…

Twitter – Anti-social media?

The Sophos Security Blog reports:

Twitter is taking people’s favourites and injecting them into others’ newsfeeds as if they were retweets.

The move is causing harrumphing among people who mistakenly thought their favourites were private.
Naked Security 19 August 2014 : Twitter injects favourites into newsfeeds, but is it an ‘invasion of privacy’?

Once again we get concerns that a “free service” (read: a service where we volunteer to be the product), is trying to set the expectations of their users/products. Read more…

Social Continence and Conservatives

It seems that our prime minister thinks that just because he has an iPad, he can be socially incontinent. He needs to realise that iPads (at least those made by factory workers in China for Apple) come with responsibilities, and he should set a better example – or at least try to.

In the last week we have seen: Read more…

Twittering over Gibraltar

After making a bid to ease tensions over the telephone, Mr Cameron said on Twitter: “Constructive call with Spain’s PM Rajoy. I made clear my concerns re Gibraltar and that our position on sovereignty won’t change”.
BBC News Website 7 August 2013: PM has ‘constructive’ call with Spain over Gibraltar

Is it just me or is there something wrong about our PM thinking that he has to witter about this issue – and reduce a complex issue to 140 characters? Read more…

Appropriate Twitter?

Writing on Twitter Prime Minister David Cameron said: “My best wishes to the Duke of Edinburgh who is in hospital tonight. I hope he has a swift recovery.”BBC News Website 6 June 2013 Prince Philip admitted to hospital

I’m sorry, but if I wanted to send the Duke of Edinburgh my best wishes, I would not do it by Twitter. Read more…

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