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A commentary on the politics that followed the UK elections of 2010, 2015, 2017 and 2019 (and THAT referendum)

What is more Australian?

The morning news in the UK seems to be celebrating Novak Djokovic managing to over-turn the application to him of the Australian ban on unvaccinated people being able to enter the country.

It raises some interesting questions:

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Lent Labour Support

At last night’s by-election declaration the winning Liberal Democrat referred to Labour voters lending their support.

This morning Labour were making much of the temporary nature of this support. Perhaps they would be better off thinking of it as a near permanent loan?

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Making the grade

In England we have reached that time of year again when exam results come out – only this time without the exams. Those of us who did our exams years or decades ago look slightly askance at the proportion of students getting top grades and mutter into our morning coffee.

Teachers say that their students have worked very hard and deserve their grades. All of which avoids asking a few key questions (and agreeing a few key answers). The result is suspicion about the grades – and those who achieved them. The former may be fair, but the latter is not; students can only do the assessments they are asked to do and accept the results given.

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Just a thought as to why the PM appears defeatist

I have struggled to understand this Prime Minister’s apparent mad rush to remove all COVID mitigations in a few days time. It appears irrational and defeatist.

It has struck me however that we have to allow for the possibility that he is not mad, irrational and divisive but is acting rationally in accordance with information that he has, but which he is choosing to not share with us – thinking that his usual bluster and boosterism will get him through the gathering storm.

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Isolation Day

With Isolation Day approaching at an apparent breakneck speed, those of us still concerned that COVID is not “over” are having to review our personal risk assessments.

Until now we have been able to rely on mandated mitigations (such as masking, social distancing) which meant that we protect each other from infection. Such community solidarity is being swept away in the cause of “Freedom”. (Such Bollocks)

Without these mitigations we have to look to protect ourselves without relying on others and we can choose what to do – good American style self-reliance and libertarian small statism!

I have previously pondered whether this is actually the purpose of “Freedom Day” – to divide the government approved independent freedom loving libertarians from us namby pamby citizens who believe in community and helping each other. Accepting that is (intentionally or unintentionally) what is happening, this post tries to think through the personal steps we have to take.

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Freedom Day

In England (or should that be Engerland?) it has been announced on what our Great Leader is calling “Freedom Day” (19 July) all COVID restrictions will be removed, despite:

  • Infections increasing
  • Hospitalisations increasing
  • The Vaccination programme being incomplete

You have to wonder; why?

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Action Wars

I have written previously how the [UK] Conservative Government has used language to normalise attitudes that are helpful to them. Immigrants are always “illegal immigrants”; it’s always “welfare scroungers“, “Brussels Bureaucrats“, “hard-working taxpayers”.

These language wars continue as part of a general culture war associated with their relatively unspoken Reset Agenda to fundamentally change Britain. Disturbingly alongside this we are seeing a similar tactic being applied to actions.

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Boris’s Dictionary: Nepotory

Every emperor, has to give the appearance of having “the common touch”. In view of the restricted background of our new emperor, I offer him a dictionary in the hope that studying it will help him understand the people he tries to rule.

Nepotory, /ˈnɛpətɔːri/ noun

the practice among those with power or influence of favouring relatives or friends, especially by giving them Covid 19 contracts, amidst a pandemic that has killed almost 150,000 people [at time of writing] in the UK

“The PM said claims he was a nepotory were ludicrious”

Source: Iain Overton @iainoverton

Killing us with half measures

There seems to be no end to this [UK] Government’s incompetence – if indeed that is the correct word to describe the mix of Ground Hog Day and Contagion of which we seem doomed not just to be viewers but also helpless participants.

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The Real Covid Conspiracy

There are numerous conspiracy theories about COVID from it all being a hoax to it being very real and a means to get us all microchipped.

But there is a simpler conspiracy – at least as far as the UK and probably the US are concerned.

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