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Social Engineering

This used to be something that the Socialists were accused of doing; now it seems to be a Conservative practice.

£3 per week for the married – raises a number of questions:

  • What other social goods might we achieve for £3 per week?  For instance:
    • Families that live in decent housing have better outcomes – therefore let’s pay those in good houses £3 per week.
    • Families whose children go to university also tend to have better outcomes – therefore let’s pay those who go to university £3 per week (to offset the charges on students supported by most parties).
  • Is there a business opportunity for some entrepreneur to set up an introduction agency for “tax buddies” – those wanting to get married for the tax break (without the sex – I belief there are already agencies for people who want the sex without the marriage).
  • Might this tax bribe encourage those who are not really committed, to get married and once they are married decide to bring children into an “uncommitted relationship” – or will the £3 per week make them magically “more committed”?

These proposals deserve serious consideration – or at least the same level of consideration as the other headline grabbing dog whistle policies.


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