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TV and “Photo-opportunities”

Is there a cosy conspiracy between the parties and the media – particularly Television?  I am thinking of the way the media are summoned to particular locations, for a set up event, surrounded by hordes of ecstatic supporters, when a pre-released speech is made.  If it is about health, it will be in a hospital; if about education, it will be in a school; if about jobs, it will be in a factory.  It is as if we, the electorate, are too stupid to realise what the speech is about unless accompanied by “visual aids”.  Or perhaps the campaign managers realise the speech is too boring to be memorable, therefore “let’s just try and get some good pictures of the leader”.

Some of the coverage is laughable; the Daily Politics today (BBC am) was interrupted by one of the presenters because they had coverage of Gordon Brown shaking hands with people as he entered some building.  Why?  Either the producer thought it was news-worthy (worrying) or they felt obligated to cover this scene set-up for them (even more worrying).  They do the same for the Conservatives (possibly for similar reasons) and then presumably to avoid accusations of bias have to do the same for the Liberal Democrats and other parties.

Perhaps someone can sponsor an award for the most ridiculous “photo-opportunity”?


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